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Anxiety or anguish?

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Would you be able to identify a situation that makes you anguished? Many persons throughout their life will have to deal with the effects of anxiety that can lead to anguish. Before reaching that point, certain actions can be taken in order to reduce the risks and to prevent a panic attack from happening.


First and foremost, anguish ensues from a severe panic attack. What causes anxiety? According to Henri Michaud, writer for the TV channel Canal Vie, more often than not, anxiety results in internal thoughts which expose the human to the fear or fearing. It is while overestimating a potentially dangerous situation that one can become anxious. The effects of a panic attack can be felt both physically and psychologically. Again according to Mr. Michaud, before it becomes a panic attack, the person should try to deal with the situation. Above all, you have to be able to rationalize and to center your thoughts on something less intense.


While concentrating on positive thoughts, your nerves will be relaxed and you will be more inclined to calm down. Besides, Slow Cow Mind Cooler could be a good alternative since it temporarily helps to increase focus and relieve tensions. Once the negative effects start to fade, you’re on the right path to confront anguish. In order to reduce tensions, you can control your breathing with the help of relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation while enjoying a Slow Cow Mind Cooler. There are many ways for an anguished person to control the negative effects of his or her state. Don’t hesitate to seek the advice of a specialist if the weight is too much on your shoulders, there are resources available for the fight against anguish.

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