What is L-theanine?

You’ve probably never heard of L-theanine, but you will quickly figure out what it is. It is neither a new technology or a chemical product. It’s a natural ingredient in Slow Cow soothing drink. The original recipe for this ‘’Mind Cooler’’ contains 6 herbal extracts and one of the most important is L-theanine. This is an amino acid predominant in the tea leaf. Acting on dopamine, serotonin and GABA, it helps build a sense of well-being that naturally reduces stress and anxiety, also having beneficial effects on attention, concentration and quality of sleep. (1)

Where can we find L-theanine?

L-theanine comes from nature, but more specifically from plant and fungal (mushroom) species. This ingredient is found in the shrubs called tea plants in which the tea leaves grow.

The effects of L-theanine on humans

According to Health Canada, L-theanine helps to temporarily promote a state of relaxation, and the Natural Products Directorate of Canada (NHPD) describes this amino acid as a natural product that acts positively on the body and mind. It allows for better concentration and helps reduce anxiety.
It is taken orally as directed by Health Canada and is safe. So it is worth trying Slow Cow drink which contains 132 mg per can to see the effect the drink has on you. For more information on the ingredients of Slow Cow ‘’Mind Cooler, visit us at www.slowcow.com.

(1) Nathan, PJ; Lu, K; Gray, M; Oliver, C (2015-04-20). “The neuropharmacology of L-theanine(N-ethyl-L-glutamine): a possible neuroprotective and cognitive enhancing agent”. J Herb Pharmacother. 6 (2): 21–30. doi:10.1300/J157v06n02_02. PMID 17182482.

Anxiety or anguish?

Would you be able to identify a situation that makes you anguished? Many persons throughout their life will have to deal with the effects of anxiety that can lead to anguish. Before reaching that point, certain actions can be taken in order to reduce the risks and to prevent a panic attack from happening.


First and foremost, anguish ensues from a severe panic attack. What causes anxiety? According to Henri Michaud, writer for the TV channel Canal Vie, more often than not, anxiety results in internal thoughts which expose the human to the fear or fearing. It is while overestimating a potentially dangerous situation that one can become anxious. The effects of a panic attack can be felt both physically and psychologically. Again according to Mr. Michaud, before it becomes a panic attack, the person should try to deal with the situation. Above all, you have to be able to rationalize and to center your thoughts on something less intense.


While concentrating on positive thoughts, your nerves will be relaxed and you will be more inclined to calm down. Besides, Slow Cow Mind Cooler could be a good alternative since it temporarily helps to increase focus and relieve tensions. Once the negative effects start to fade, you’re on the right path to confront anguish. In order to reduce tensions, you can control your breathing with the help of relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation while enjoying a Slow Cow Mind Cooler. There are many ways for an anguished person to control the negative effects of his or her state. Don’t hesitate to seek the advice of a specialist if the weight is too much on your shoulders, there are resources available for the fight against anguish.

For more information, read Mr. Henri Michaud’s interesting article. To learn more about the calming effects of the extracts from Slow Cow Mind cooler go to: www.slowcow.com

Mind cooler or energy drink?

The time has come to differentiate the Slow Cow ‘’Mind Cooler’’ from energy drinks. Indeed, the Mind Cooler’s properties are way different from the energy drinks. On top of containing natural ingredients that are healthy for body and soul, the Mind Cooler gently acts on temporarily promote a state of relaxation

The various effects of the Mind Cooler and the energy drink

Think again! Mind Cooler doesn’t mean beverage causing drowsiness! First, note that the effects of the energy drink are nuanced from those of the relaxation drink. The main objective of the energy drink being to give a peak of energy to the consumer, the Mind Cooler,, for its part, inspire a stress-free lifestyle with a focus on well-being. The ingredients and stimulants factors contained in the energy drink create an artificial feeling of energy that only lasts for a short period of time. At the opposite, the Mind Cooler is naturally infused with plant extract known for their calming and beneficial effects for concentration. One of these is L-theanine which acts, in particular, on dopamine, serotonin and GABA.

The smart choice of Mind cooler!

Don’t overlook the effects of energy drinks with lots of sugar and caffeine. On top of affecting the quality of sleep, it can have negative impact on your capacity of focusing and on your mood. The Mind Cooler can be a cool, healthy, and smart alternative to energy drinks. Developed to inspire a stress-free lifestyle with a focus on well-being and natural calmness, it adapts to your lifestyle, supports you in managing your busy days, but can also be your partner in your moments of relaxation before bedtime for a well-deserved restful sleep.

It’s time to try it, don’t hesitate to consult our team or visit www.slowcow.com if you have any questions!

What is in the Slow Cow drink?

What is in the Slow Cow drink?

Are you curious to know precisely what the ingredients of our drink are and why we chose them? Well, at Slow Cow, we have nothing to hide! As our main ingredients are natural, we believe that all the ingredients that make up our drink will make you thirsty!

The main ingredients of our drink

As we have already described the natural ingredients that make up our drink, we will simply list them. On the other hand, if some of these subjects interest you, consult our blog section, you will discover all the necessary articles there. So, we prepared our ‘’Mind cooler’’ with, among other things, chamomile and hops. In addition to its two plants, we have added passionflower, linden, valerian and L-theanine. The 6 plants have also been chosen for their calming and soothing properties for body and mind. We really want you to know that they have been meticulously chosen to soothe you, not make you sleepy.

Our drink does not contain caffeine or preservatives. Make the most of your days by temporarily maximizing your concentration and memory skills. Our vision in creating our soothing drink is to inspire a stress-free lifestyle with focus on wellness and natural calmness.
Do not hesitate to consult our articles on each of the natural ingredients that make up our drink, you will see each of their health benefits. For more information or to purchase our drink, visit www.slowcow.com

Some tips to reduce stress

Stress is a phenomenon more and more present today and in many people. Are you one of them? You don’t have to worry! It just means that you are human. It acts as an alarm system on the body and it simply wants to protect you from danger.

Is there a difference between stress and anxiety?

Stress brings physical discomfort due to something happening in reality while anxiety causes unpleasant physical discomfort due to negative thoughts. Anxiety is often linked to anticipation. The symptoms of stress and anxiety are the same. They can be reflected, among other things, by a headache, migraine, insomnia or by difficulty concentrating. The difference between the two is that the intensity of the symptoms is higher on the side of anxiety than on the side of stress. It doesn’t prevent it from disturbing you in your daily life.

There are a few tips to reduce stress. It’s up to you to try and observe the effects.

– Good time planning is essential to help reduce stress. Using a calendar, you will be able to make sure you don’t run out of time and, above all, that you don’t forget anything. The agenda is effective because it ensures that you can spread out your days in order to observe their progress.

– There are a few ways to be less stressed on a daily basis that you can also try such as meditation, breathing techniques and yoga. Are you not interested? No problem ! Go for physical training and you will see benefits on your body and mind daily.

Do you want to reduce your stress quickly?

Unfortunately, there is no magic recipe. You have to find out for yourself that it is the best solution and observe how your system works. Sometimes you have to stop thinking and let things go. Let go and enjoy a Slow Cow! Visit our website www.slowcow.com for more information and how to get your ‘’Mind Cooler’’!

Insomnia? How to get rid of it!

Many people have trouble sleeping, to the point where they suffer from insomnia for several nights, weeks, or even months. Insomnia is not a disease, but something temporary. There are a number of ways to prevent sleep problems from getting the better of you. Just before going into solution mode, it is important to know the reasons for your insomnia. It may sound complicated, but by analyzing your lifestyle, you will see what is wrong. Sleep problems can be caused by work stress, anxiety, chronic disease, obesity and various lifestyle habits.


To stack all the odds in your favor, it is essential to avoid physical activity 4 to 6 hours before your bedtime. It is best to get active in the afternoon because you will have time to calm down before sleeping. It is beneficial for your body as well as for your sleep to play sports or do indoor training daily. So, it’s time to start or continue your good habits!

It is also recommended to reduce your amount of coffee consumed daily to make room for tea or an iced herbal tea like Slow Cow. Infused with chamomile, valerian, passionflower, linden hops and l-theanine, this is the refreshing version 2.0 of traditional herbal tea!

To help you sleep better, arrange your bedroom to create a calm and comfortable environment. You should also take care to limit all distractions. In addition, it is necessary to establish a routine before sleep like breathing techniques or reading with soft lighting. Many people make the mistake of watching videos on their phones or spending time on social media. These habits activate your body instead of soothing you. Close your phone or tablet first so you can get quality sleep.


In case this is not enough, consult your doctor or refer to organizations that can help you such as the Fondation Sommeil.

Visit www.slowcow.com to learn more about this iced herbal tea.

Anxiety and stress … Are you tired of it?

Nowadays, time flies and sometimes you feel overwhelmed by events. It’s often at this point that anxiety begins. Anxiety disorders affect approximately 26% of the population, insomnia more than 42% … It can be difficult to identify what is stressing you, but you know that something unusual is happening. There are several physical and psychological symptoms related to anxiety. Do you have trouble concentrating, having trouble sleeping, headaches? It’s time to analyze the options available to you in order to improve the situation.

What to do to reduce anxiety?

There are several ways who can help to overcome this obstacle. Medication prescribed by your doctor may be the answer, but you can also just start the habit of relaxing. You might be surprised at the results, just try yoga, meditation or just enjoy a moment of relaxation with a Slow Cow ‘’mind cooler’’.

Slow Cow is made up of ingredients known to help soothe exhausted nerves and temporarily reduce anxiety. This dragonfruit-citrus flavored water is infused with 6 plant extracts including:

-L-theanine which is an amino acid found in green tea

-Valerian, a flagship plant in phytotherapy.

These components all have a positive effect on mind and body. The vision in the development of the product is to inspire a stress-free lifestyle with focus on well-being and natural calmness. There is no magic bullet for overcoming anxiety. Do not hesitate to take breaks regularly and learn to listen to your body better. Visit www.slowcow.com to learn more about the drink and how to get it to try it out and make it part of your new, zen attitude!

Do you know passionflower?

Flower of Passion, this is the name we give to passionflower. It clearly shows why the soothing Slow Cow drink tastes so good! The Passion flower comes from the tropical and subtropical regions of America. Cultivated in Europe, North America and Asia, it is the above-ground parts of the passionflower that are harvested for ingestion. From the Passifloraceae family, this climbing plant has more than one benefit to offer your body and your mind!


Several indications are favorable to the consumption of passionflower. Most of the time infused, passionflower can also be consumed in capsules or tablets. As the focal point in studies to reduce stress and anxiety, this edible herb can help ease nervousness and nerve pains. In addition to helping relieve digestive disorders, this product is perfect for our drink since it improves quality of sleep disturbed by stress, anxiety and nervousness.


Indeed, some research has identified the calming effects of passionflower. Although its relaxing effects are present, these should not be confused with drowsiness effects. We often associate this plant with valerian and hops which also have relaxing effects. Stress and tension reduction, as well as nervousness, calming and relief are all positive consequences of consuming passion flower. This ingredient is on the list of ingredients that naturally make up the Slow Cow Mind Cooler. Consume when you feel the need, morning, noon or night.

To learn more about our iced herbal tea, visit us at www.slowcow.com

Why is Slow Cow blue?

It’s rather difficult to give a truly scientific reason as to why Slow Cow is blue. However, if we remain lighthearted, we’d say there is still a meaning behind our choosing of the pretty emerald blue. First, let’s test it. What do you instinctively think of when you are told about the color blue?


In any case, this was the image we had of blue. Blue makes you dream, we often associate it with the sky, the sea, travel, etc. As mentioned in our F.A.Q. section, some studies show that blue benefits the body and the mind. It slows down the human metabolism and produces a calming effect. Blue is closely associated with tranquility and calm. Isn’t it true? Emerald blue is soothing. Not too dark, and just light enough to make you want to relax. It is even said that blue is among the favorite colors of Westerners…

Then, if we expand a little more on the not-very-scientific side of our article, it would appear that blue is often associated with inner calm and serenity. Therefore, we thought that blue would be the perfect color for our soothing drink. Besides, if we talk about a blue drink, don’t you find that a refreshing drink immediately comes to mind? Of a clear and pure emerald blue, our Slow Cow drink with a dragon fruit taste will certainly make your mouth water. Contact us or visit www.slowcow.com for more information on Slow Cow!

Slow Cow drink in Marjorie’s daily life

During our events, we often come across fans of the Slow Cow drink who want to share their experiences with us. We decided to write an article about it because it was interesting to see how we have a quality product that delivers on its promise to our users. Marjorie explains her Slow Cow mind cooler’s experience to us.


She talks a little about herself and right away, it becomes obvious she is an avid sports fan. Though you could say Marjorie is a sports fanatic  in general, she focuses especially on endurance sports such as weight training. She found out about Slow Cow through a work colleague who stopped her dead in her track when she noticed her consuming an energy drink! Her colleague, who knew our product well, explained to Marjorie the difference between relaxation drink and energy drink. She convinced her to cut out energy drinks from her life because the main ingredients in them are not natural and the concentration of stimulants they contain is way too high. Her workmate also explained how different Slow Cow’s objectives are. His partner also explained to her that the extracts used in the Slow Cow drink like L-theanine rather aims to reduce pressure, reduce tension and help concentration in order to keep maximum energy in the body and mind . It does not build “fake energy” by trying to mobilize the effects of the products contained in the energy drink like taurine, caffeine and other stimulants.


Marjorie tried the experiment and after her training, instead of planning on an energy drink, she now adopts Slow Cow. The soothing drink helps her to relax her nerves and calm her mind to maximize her recovery phase. As a student, Marjorie also traded the energy drink while studying for Slow Cow. She tells us that instead of feeling a strong adrenaline rush and having trouble sleeping afterwards, she keeps her focus on her studies and manages to relax more easily when her sessions are over!

Contact us or visit www.slowcow.com for more information on Slow Cow!